General Advice

These advice are actually very important to those who never made a game before, so if this is you, please read carefully

ScopeExtra Credits on Scope


Thought of a person who is about to make their first game:
‘It will have this, ooh, and this…’

Thought of a person who have made games before:

‘I’ll do this and only this 1 functionality for now’

The more features you have, the more difficult it is to make the game. The best way to one day be able to actually implement your dream game is to get experience implementing small games first.
If you made a pong clone as your first game, you’re going great.

If you followed a tutorial through and through, awesome.



  MVP – Minimal Viable Product

If your scope was too large, get only the most essential features in. At least its functioning.




Making games is difficult. Getting bored, frustrated and stuck happens.

Again, keep things simple, proceeding in small steps will take you somewhere.

Its just like with anything, sports, studying etc.



How to approach learning

Assume you picked a game engine:

You should have an idea of what genre of games you want to make: Platformer, shooter etc

  1. Look at a walkthrough-type tutorial on how to make that type of game using the chosen engine first. You could apply directly to their game or just follow the tutorial to the books.
  1. Once finished tutorial, assuming you followed it to the books, now re-make it, but implementing your idea alongside. Most tutorials make it very general so really you just need to tweak a few values and add more functionalities.
  1. Do not spend time to read up on documentations beforehand. Only google or read documentation on a specific topic when necessary.