Unity Tutorials

  1. Namain Jain’s Unity tutorials
  2. Naman Jain do tutorials for RPGs (2D and 3D) in Unity. He does not go into great depth and skip some details on concepts, but for a complete beginner in Unity, this is perfect (even in hindsight). He does explain coding as well as concepts to a small, but sufficient (to-get-started) degree.

    Recommended: Complete Beginners only, but comfortable with or willing to learn programming (If experienced or have confidence in working with Unity, find other sources).

  3. Vairous official Unity tutorials
  4. These are official Unity tutorials. The first three: Roll a ball, Space Shooter and survival shooter are for beginners whilst others are for intermediate – advanced.

    Recommended: Beginners but comfortable or willing to learn programming.

Unity official Scripting API

Unity’s Official Scripting API should be your go-to every time, after you’re more familiar with unity

Recommended: Beginner with some experience and comfortable with programming.