Jam Guidelines

We run ‘jams’ 4 times a year. These jams are held within 2 weeks.

Members who opt to participate must comply to the rules below.

In addition to jams, we have prizes for ‘Projects’ as well. Projects refer to any work members have been working on. Rules below


Jam Rules:

These rules apply to projects that started its lifetime from the minute the jam is announced in a session.

  1. People may work in group or solo.
  2. Can use any existing assets and code base, but must contain a substantial degree of original content. Cannot be an ongoing project.
  3. Theme is optional for those without an idea.
  4. Can work until the start of the review session only.
  5. Only members can enter jam and win the prize.
  6. Powerpoint Presentation is not required at review, developers may present however they want.


Project Rules

These rules apply to projects that starts its lifetime before the current jam is announced in the session. These projects may be a carry on from previous jams

  1. A project may be submitted for any of the jams submission review, developers must notify the committee beforehand.
  2. A project may not be re-submitted more than once.
  3. A project may only be deemed eligible for a prize if they are in competition with another project.
  4. If a project is the only project by the 4th jam, it will automatically be eligible for the prize. A presentation would still be preferred.
  5. May be group or solo.
  6. Only members can submit and win prizes.
  7. Powerpoint Presentation is not required at review, developers may present however they want.


Please  refer to this guide on how to submit on itch.io: Submission Guide (with pics!)

We usually use itch.io as our platform to host jams.



For jams, if you win, you can choose from 3 games. Usually, 1 game is under £20.

For projects, if you win, you will get a game under £25. At the committee’s discretion, you may be able to pick your own prize.

Prize giving

Usually, method of prize giving will be steam gift. However, it could possibly be through other platforms such as Uplay or Origin.

NOTE: If you already have the game in your library, further arrangements will be made so that you will get another game.

This arrangement is at the discretion of the committee, a back-up may be picked before hand or they may let you choose.



The following are the different ways the jam could be reviewed:

  1. CVG Soc members to come judge.
  2. People who are not entering jam become judges, these may be members or non-members but must be approved by committee.
  3. Post online for public judging.
  4. Judge each others.